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Logo Design

The process of developing a visual symbol or emblem that represents a business, brand, or organization is known as logo design. It entails utilizing typeface, color, images, and other design aspects to produce a distinctive and memorable logo that clearly conveys the mission and values of the organization it represents. Establishing brand identification, developing brand identity, and producing a memorable visual depiction of the business all depend on a well-designed logo. In order to produce a design that is both aesthetically pleasing and practical, logo designers take into account elements like scalability, color psychology, and typography. Smartly Yours specializes on Logo Designing for corporate clients to use as a visual representation for their brands. We design versatile logos relevant to the company's mission & value.

Logo Design At Smartly Yours

  • Wordmarks or Logotypes:

    These are logos that consist of the brand name written in a unique and recognizable font style. Examples of this type of logo include Google, Coca-Cola, and IBM.

  • Pictorial Marks or Logo Symbols:

    These logos are represented by an icon, symbol, or image that represents the brand, without any text. Examples of this type of logo include Apple, Twitter, and Nike.

  • Abstract Logos:

    These are logos that use abstract shapes, patterns, or designs to represent the brand. Examples include Pepsi and Adidas.

  • Combination Marks:

    These logos combine a wordmark with a pictorial mark or abstract design to create a more complex logo. Examples include Burger King and Lacoste.

  • Emblems:

    These logos use a symbol or icon within a shape or design that frames the brand name. Examples of this type of logo include Harley-Davidson and Starbucks.